What Are Lone Worker Devices

Every LoneWorker Manager has been designed to work on almost any lone worker device. The platform supports the largest range dedicated to safe schools.


A lightweight and waterproof lone worker devices that is available for use by any of your teammates. It is connected to a GPS system that will activate the Alarm Receiving Center (ARC) to locate a Lone worker. They are great when adopted by schools. They ensure the existence of safe schools.


This is another robust GSM/ GPS lone worker device. It is durable and low on the production cost. Its biggest feature is the screen loaded with lots of features. It transmits mobile data and voice directly by connecting to the ARC. It has a long standby time with a two-way radio. Perfect for ensuring safe schools.


This is a satellite device that gives you the last line of hope when you are in areas with weak or no mobile signals. Its features demand a long battery life currently running at three months. It is designed to brave extreme weather conditions. It is very small. It fits the palm of your hand.


This is a fully operational Android smartphone with a two-way voice, GPS, and Heartbeat check. It has the most advanced features than all the other LoneWorker devices.

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